Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Choose the Right Shop Software

Easy to populate products. There are certain online shop software that necessitate you to utilize the web interface to load your products into the online store. The more products you have, the more time this will consume. It could take you weeks to upload a few hundred products. Therefore, while choosing your online shop software, make sure it allows you to upload your products via an excel spreadsheet, or other similar file based formats.

Allows adding attributes to products.The default installation of osCommerce does not allow the user to add attributes to their products. When choosing your desired online shop software, make sure that it allows you to add options, attributes, deviations and distinctions to the products that you are selling; and that too, conveniently. An example of such a software would be one that would, let's assume, allow you to customize a product via check boxes or pull down menus.